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Please call OR email to schedule a FREE 10 minute phone consultation to see if Mind/Body Medicine work is something that may benefit you!


Wellness Consultation~Mind/body Medicine  

  $80 - $100 per hour session

$110 - $125 per 90 min. session  


 Also Available: 

Whole Health Wellness Consultation~Mind/Body Medicine

Phone Consultations (same rates apply)  NEW*


Regarding Massage:

The modalities and pressure is discussed at each session.   As the needs of the client change constantly,  so does the focus of the session.  Each massage is CUSTOM to the need of the client on "that" particular day.

Please know that that your massage can "always" be tailored to your needs and wants.  It is always your option to ask for more treatment in a specific area, less in another or to leave out an area completely.   


Please note:

As mentioned, whether you are a regular client who has been coming for 10 years or a new client, at each session we will discuss any changes in your health.  So a one hour session typically leaves at least 50 minutes "on the table".  It is always an option to discuss Mind/Body medicine and whole health medicine in more depth, however it will reduce time spent on the massage table.  It is entirely up to you how you spend this time. : )


Please call or send message for a customized quote for on-site chair massage.


Heated Bamboo is an excellent alternative to a regular deep tissue massage.  Bamboo has a profound effect on fascia,  extreme tight muscles and feels amazing!!

Heated Bamboo Massage           $90.00  60 Minute Session
Heated Bamboo Massage           $55.00  30 Minute Session
Heated Bamboo Massage         $125.00  90 Minute Session
Aromatherapy$125.00 / 90 minutes
Aromatherapy$85.00 / 60 minutes
Aromatherapy$55.00 / 30 minutes
Chair Massage$18 / 15 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$90.00 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$60.00 / 30 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy / 1 minute
On-Site Massage$18 / 15 minutes
Pediatric Massage$50.00 / 30 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$90 / 60 minutes
Reiki$75 / 60 minutes
Reiki$50 / 30 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$115 / 90 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$50 / 30 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$80 / 60 minutes
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