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"Lisa is amazing. There really isn't enough I can say about her and the guidance she has given me. Though I am the one that has to be willing to put in the work, I would be lost without her knowledge and patience in teaching me how to stand in my authentic self and how to let go of negativity. I can't recommend Lisa and all of her work enough!!"
‚̧Kristen  1/2015 (on wellness consult/mind/body work)
"I have looked long and hard, over the course of  several years, for a massage therapist  who had a true healing touch  and a calming, non-intrusive presence. I also wanted someone who was  knowledgeable and at all times professional.  I have finally found all  that I needed in Lisa."
Dr. Beth Jelsma - Rochester, NY 
"Going here is so much more than getting a great massage.  Lisa demonstrates profound knowledge of mind body medicine and provides thoughtful insight to how we all tick."
ATR - Rochester, NY
"Lisa is simply fantastic.  Going has simply become part of my bi-weekly routine an I still look forward to going when the reminder on my calendar shows up.  Lisa genuinely cares about her clients and is knowledgable about what she does; she's even assisted me with pointers, about stretching, meditation, and other ways to improve my life outside of visits.  Ive never had a worry asking her any questions and she is always curious about how life is going.  She's interested in improving your life even when you step back out into to world.  That's important to me and it should be to you as well."


"When I entered Lisa's therapeutic massage room, I was hobbling. When I left an hour later I was hopping and happy, pain free and full of peace! What healing, powerful hands! Thank you so much, Lisa!"

Cheri ~


I regularly visit Lisa, in order to work out the kinks in my body.  She always gives excellent personal attention to my body's pain points, whether it be tight hamstrings, stiff neck, or a sore back.  My stress levels and body aches have dropped immensely since starting to work with Lisa!

- Greg


  "Until first seeing Lisa, I had frequent painful episodes of neck and back pain that lasted weeks at a time since the age of 14.  In the decade plus that I have been using her services,  I have had only 2 very short episodes.  Lisa takes a very clinical approach to my treatment.  I have found far greater success with her than with any chiropractor or doctor.  Given my martial arts practice and penchant for lifting anvils, I greatly value her services.  I have recommended her to several friends."                      Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Brian M.  -  Rochester, NY


 "Lisa is so strong and knowledgeable; she listens to your needs and focuses on them.  She kept me out of the doctor's office for my shoulder recently.  You can't afford not to come see Lisa."


Maria M. ~ "Rochester, NYEasy to get to; comfortable, relaxing atmosphere; professional massage tuned to the individual's wants as far as pressure and areas to focus on. I'll definitely be a repeat customer."


“I highly recommend Lisa Giudici for massage therapy. I have received numerous massages from Lisa for specific neuro-muscular tension areas. She is professional, knowledgeable and proficient in massage and understands the client needs for therapy.

K.C. Scism” April 30, 2012


Three years ago I had an incident that left me with burning, numbness, and neuropathy in my legs and feet.  I had a chair massage with Lisa at my workplace a few months later and that did it - I’ve been going to her ever since.  I am completely satisfied.  She asks questions and takes notes, and I feel that she completely understands my situation and how I’m feeling.  Her massages are absolutely great … wonderful relief from the pain in my legs and feet.  Every day that I have a massage scheduled, I look forward to it all day … it’s the high point of my day! 

 Kurt ~ Rochester, NY


"Lisa is a wonderful masseuse, she takes her time getting to know you and going over any of your concerns. Lisa is very knowledgeable and skilled at what she does, so glad I found her."   Tom C


"I had a chronic knot of pain in my back. My primary doctor said it was age and stress related and would eventually go away. It didn't. A friend suggested Blossom Therapeutics and I went because I was desperate to get rid of the pain. I had my first massage with Lisa G. At the end of the massage Lisa gently stretched the muscles in my neck. With specific work to the shoulders and neck along with precise stretching,  the knot RELEASED it's grip!

I was shocked to say the least; the pain was gone. I had lived with it for months and now I was really pain free~ and with a few follow up visits I have been ever since! Massage should be the first choice of treatment and covered by healthcare benefits. You shouldn't have to live with pain! Thanks Lisa--for what I call, my miracle massage."

Karen ~ Webster, NY


Highly recommended. Lisa Giudici is a skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist.

~ Wayne 


I have been going to Lisa for massage for years. She is wonderful in relieving my back and neck pain. I sit at a desk all day for work and by the time I get to Lisa I'm pretty "locked up" in my back and neck. After a one hour massage with Lisa she is able to take away the pain and discomfort that I have had, and I feel amazing. She cares about the whole person, and not just certain areas of your body to get you feeling better.  She's very thorough and reviews your paperwork at each visit to see if anything has changed. Lisa is a wonderful, caring person and I am lucky enough to be able to have time with her.

Barb, Webster, NY