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Reviews ~ Whole HealthWellness incl. mind/body medicine

" Thankful.  I  was hesitant to ever receive a massage and after finding out about the wholistic healing/Mind body Medicine I was more open, as it helps heal all aspects at a gradual and personal level. Even speaking with Lisa over the phone, I felt instant comfort and relief. She is very knowledgeable and honest. Meeting her only confirmed further that it was the right choice for me. Healing is my number one priority and I look forward to continuing to do that with Lisas guidance."  Kayla
"I have personally been a client of Lisa's for over two years. When my daughter was suffering from severe anxiety and depression that resulted in her leaving college, we turned to Lisa. In addition to traditional psychotherapy, the sessions with Lisa have proven very beneficial. My daughter is utilizing deep breathing and meditation techniques that Lisa has taught her and was able to complete a difficult task once she and Lisa explored it together. The biggest thing Lisa has given my daughter is hope. I cannot thank her enough for that."
Kathy ~
"Lisa is amazing. There really isn't enough I can say about her and the guidance she has given me. Though I am the one that has to be willing to put in the work, I would be lost without her knowledge and patience in teaching me how to stand in my authentic self and how to let go of negativity. I can't recommend Lisa and all of her work enough!!"
‚̧Kristen 1/2015
"I have really come a long way since beginning my cosultations with Lisa.  I  am no longer taking the 2 medications I was originally prescribed. I am completely against medication for anxiety and through my visits with Lisa I have learned there are other ways to deal with my anxiety.  I always leave feeling so much better and relaxed."
~ Tammy 1/2015
"Going here is much more than getting a great massage.  Lisa demonstrates profound knowledge of mind body medicine and provides thoughtful insight to how we all tick"
ATR ~ 1/2018