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  "Ancient Medicine of the Future"


Mind Body Medicine uses the power of thoughts and emotion to influence health.  This concept dates back to Ancient times.  The research is growing and supports the fact that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs create physiological changes in our body.  How we think and feel and what we believe has a powerful effect and we can create toxicity or we can create Healing.      


So what is a Whole Health Wellness Consultation??

During a mind/body Medicine (whole Health Wellness) consultation we will examine and explore the pieces that make up the whole and healthy you.

More than the absence of disease wellness includes a state of being happy, peaceful, and content and fulfilled… body mind and spirit. This can be the beginning, or the continuation of your path to having and/ or maintaining that. I believe we should all thrive in life, not simply survive. We ALL have that potential, especially during these challenging and changing times we live in, sometimes we all can also use some reminders, a little “guidance and support.”


During a consultation we will talk about and explore the pieces that make up the whole and healthy you. There are many factors that come in to play.   Many of these might actually surprise you and they have more of an important role in your health and wellbeing than you may think. If there is a void, or an excess (imbalance) there is potential for “dis-ease” that can manifest in the physical (ie. pain, illness or other conditions), mental (ie. Anxiety/depression) or Spiritual (loss sense of self, fear, negativity or disconnectedness)

Exploring helps get to the root of common blocks, or things that may be missing that can get in our way of living the full life that we ALL desire and deserve.  With this information we will together create a prescription for optimal wellness and/or healing and work towards removing blocks or creating what may be missing so that you may Blossom towards the best possible you : )


There is so much more to medicine than prescriptions or pills, and things that are just as important, if not more important than diet, exercise, weight, and even smoking, research proves this. Yes I was surprised too! The kind of prescription we will create can include, breath work, change a thought process or limiting belief, meditation, spending your time on things you love, creativity, Humor, ( one of my favorites) time in nature, the list is endless and varies from person to person. Often clients are surprised at results when incorporating just a few simple tools. Just a few results clients have reported seeing:

  • Reduced pain
  • Improvement in an illness/condition
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Depression fades away
  • Prescriptions greatly reduced or discontinued (pain, anti-anxiety, depression, etc.)
  • Increased Self Awareness
  • Self Confidence and freedom to be Authentic
  • Reduced Negativity and more positive outlook
  • Excitement about the future and less fear*
  • Increased energy                                                        


What’s great about working in this way, is that when we work on one area, the positive side effect is that it effect s ALL. For example one who comes in with anxiety and is able to reduce their symptoms, often see that their physical health improves as well, such as less problems with heartburn, better cholesterol or blood pressure, better functioning immune system…etc. You literally cannot heal one piece of you without creating a healing effect in another!!

This work is often enjoyable, and certainly maintains a “do no harm” philosophy. In today’s technological and prescription driven medical world, we seem to have forgotten about a lot of other powerful medicine. You are probably familiar with the quote “laughter is the best medicine” there is truth to this and there’s much more that can be added to that. Consultations have been described by clients as “interesting”, “empowering” and even “fun”. Though there is some work involved and it requires commitment on your part, what is invested is more than worth the positive ways your life can be enhanced or improved dramatically. I have personally witnessed countless amazing people grow and blossom through this type of work for many years. I have been blessed to see what some consider nothing short of miracles!!! And it is for this reason that I truly LOVE what I do and feel I have one of the greatest jobs in the world!


     Dr. Lissa Rankin if you are not familiar is the author of the book "Mind over Medicine" and also the founder of the Wholie Health Medicine Institute where I have completed some of my studies.


I look forward to creating with you : )                        














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